§ 46.2-941

Conditions precedent to issuance of summons for violation of parking ordinance; notice

Before any summons shall be issued for the prosecution of a violation of an ordinance of any county, city, or town regulating parking, the violator shall have been first notified by mail at his last known address or at the address shown for such violator on the records of the Department of Motor Vehicles, that he may pay the fine provided by law for such violation, within five days of receipt of such notice, and the authorized person issuing such summons shall be notified that the violator has failed to pay such fine within such time. The notice to the violator, required by the provisions of this section, shall be contained in an envelope bearing the words “Law-Enforcement Notice” stamped or printed on the face thereof in all capital letters, bold face type, no smaller than the print type size used for the primary address on the envelope. If “window” envelopes are used, the words “Law-Enforcement Notice” shall be clearly visible through the window of the envelope.


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