§ 50-73.18

Liability for false statement in certificate

If any certificate filed pursuant to this chapter contains a false or inaccurate statement, one who suffers loss by reliance on the statement may recover damages for the loss from:

1. Any person who executes the certificate, or causes another to execute it on his behalf, and knew, and any general partner who knew or should have known, the statement to be false in any material respect at the time the certificate was executed; and

2. Any general partner who thereafter knows or should have known that any arrangement or other fact described in the certificate has changed, making the statement inaccurate in any material respect, if that general partner had sufficient time to cancel or amend the certificate, or to file a petition for its cancellation or amendment under § 50-73.16 before the statement was reasonably relied upon.


1985, c. 607; 1987, c. 702.


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