§ 51.1-160

Cessation of disability retirement allowance

A. If a beneficiary of a disability retirement allowance returns to service prior to his normal retirement date, his disability retirement allowance shall cease and he shall become a member of the retirement system and shall thereafter contribute. Any prior service on the basis of which his disability retirement allowance was computed shall be restored and, in addition, he shall be credited with all of his previous membership service including the period of disability retirement.

B. The balance of any contributions of the beneficiary in excess of the disability retirement allowance received by him shall be transferred from the retirement allowance account to the members’ contribution account.

C. If disability benefits are terminated as set forth in subsection B of § 51.1-159, a beneficiary may (i) receive a refund of any accumulated contributions in excess of the disability retirement allowance received by him, in which case all rights to any further benefits payable under this chapter shall cease, (ii) return to service, in which case the provisions of subsections A and B of this section shall apply, or (iii) receive a deferred service allowance upon attaining the early retirement age if the total of the prior membership service and the period of disability retirement meet the creditable service requirements for deferred retirement for members terminating service.

D. The retirement system shall have no responsibility for the reemployment of a beneficiary in a covered position.


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