§ 53.1-105

County and city regional jail or jail farm; persons who may be confined; release and transfer of prisoners

Any combination of two or more counties or cities may establish, maintain and operate a regional jail or jail farm. Any person convicted and sentenced to confinement in the jail or jail farm of such county or city or sentenced to a state correctional facility may be confined in a regional jail farm and required to do work as may be assigned him during the term of his sentence. Any regional jail may be used to hold or confine any person who could lawfully be held or confined in a jail operated and maintained separately.Subject to the provisions of § 53.1-113 and in the absence of private transportation arranged by the prisoner, any prisoner, after having completed a term of incarceration and upon release from a regional jail operated within Planning District Four or Planning District Five, shall be transported by such regional jail to the locality where the prisoner was arrested or convicted.


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