§ 53.1-42

Allowance for work and disposition thereof

Every prisoner committed and transferred to the Department and thereafter confined for the sentence for which he was committed in a state or local correctional facility shall be allowed an amount to be established by the Board for each day of labor satisfactory to the superintendent or sheriff in whose charge he is. The allowance so made shall accumulate and be paid over to the prisoner upon discharge, except that an amount thereof to be determined by the Board may be drawn upon by the prisoner for such purposes as may be authorized by the regulations of the Board.For the purposes of this section only, the phrase “transferred to the Department” means (i) the actual physical receipt by the Department of a prisoner in a state correctional facility or (ii) the complete processing by the Department of a prisoner for the purposes of classifying the person as a state prisoner whether or not the person is physically received into a state correctional facility.


Code 1950, § 53-220.1; 1970, c. 339; 1982, c. 636.


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