§ 53.1-54

Charges and catalogue; annual estimates of requirements by departments, etc

A. The Director shall establish charges for articles produced or manufactured and services provided by prison labor that will, in his judgment, defray the administration, operation and maintenance costs and make allowances for depreciation, return on capital and contingencies.

B. A catalogue shall be prepared by the Department on a periodic basis which describes all articles and supplies manufactured and produced by persons confined in state correctional facilities. Copies of the catalogue shall be sent to all departments, institutions and agencies of the Commonwealth mandated to purchase such articles and supplies. At least thirty days before the commencement of each fiscal year, the proper official of each department, institution and agency of the Commonwealth shall report to the Division of Purchases and Supply estimates of the kinds and amounts of articles and supplies required by it for the ensuing year. Such estimates shall refer to the catalogue issued by the Director insofar as the articles and supplies indicated are included within the catalogue.


Code 1950, §§ 53-62, 53-73; 1958, c. 124; 1970, c. 648; 1982, c. 636.


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