§ 54.1-2957.11

Requirements for disclosure

Any person practicing as a licensed midwife shall provide disclosure of specific information in writing to any client to whom midwifery care is provided. Such disclosure shall include (i) a description of the midwife’s qualifications, experience, and training; (ii) a written protocol for medical emergencies, including hospital transport, particular to each client; (iii) a description of the midwives’ model of care; (iv) a copy of the regulations governing the practice of midwifery; (v) a statement concerning the licensed midwife’s malpractice or liability insurance coverage; (vi) a description of the right to file a complaint with the Board of Medicine and the procedures for filing such complaint; and (vii) such other information as the Board of Medicine determines is appropriate to allow the client to make an informed choice to select midwifery care.


2005, cc. 719, 917.


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