§ 54.1-3435.2

Permit to act as medical equipment supplier; storage; limitation; regulations

A. Unless otherwise authorized by this chapter or Chapter 33 (§ 54.1-3300 et seq.) of this title, it shall be unlawful for any person to act as a medical equipment supplier, as defined in § 54.1-3401, in this Commonwealth without a valid unrevoked permit issued by the Board. The applicant for a permit to act as a medical equipment supplier in this Commonwealth shall apply to the Board for a permit, using such form as the Board may furnish; renew such permit, if granted, annually on a date determined by the Board in regulation; and remit a fee as determined by the Board.

B. Prescription drugs received, stored, and distributed by authority of this section shall be limited to those Schedule VI controlled substances with no medicinal properties which are used for the operation and cleaning of medical equipment, solutions for peritoneal dialysis, and sterile water and saline for irrigation.

C. Distribution of any Schedule VI drug or device or of any hypodermic needle or syringe, or medicinal oxygen by authority of this section is limited to delivery to the ultimate user upon lawful order by a prescriber authorized to prescribe such drugs and devices.

D. The Board may promulgate such regulations relating to the storage, handling, and distribution of prescription drugs, devices and controlled paraphernalia by medical equipment suppliers as it deems necessary to implement this section, to prevent diversion of prescription drugs and devices and controlled paraphernalia, and to protect the public.


1992, c. 737; 1996, c. 408; 1997, c. 677; 2008, c. 320; 2013, c. 504.


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