§ 54.1-408

Practice of land surveying; subdivisions

In addition to the work defined in § 54.1-400, a land surveyor may, for subdivisions, site plans and plans of development only, prepare plats, plans and profiles for roads, storm drainage systems, sanitary sewer extensions, and water line extensions, and may perform other engineering incidental to such work, but excluding the design of pressure hydraulic, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. The work included in this section shall involve the use and application of standards prescribed by local or state authorities. The land surveyor shall pass an examination given by the Board in addition to that required for the licensing of land surveyors as defined in § 54.1-400. Any land surveyor previously licensed pursuant to subdivision (3) (b) of former § 54-17.1 may continue to do the work herein described without further examination.Except as provided, nothing contained herein or in the definition of “practice of land surveying” in § 54.1-400 shall be construed to include engineering design and the preparation of plans and specifications for construction.


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