§ 55-210.24:1

Retention of records

A. Every holder required to file a report under § 55-210.12, shall retain all books, records and documents necessary to establish the accuracy and compliance of such report for five years after the report is filed pursuant to subsection B of § 55-210.12. If no report is filed, the holder shall retain such books, records and documents for ten years after the property becomes reportable, except to the extent that shorter time is provided in accordance with the Virginia Public Records Act (§ 42.1-76 et seq.), or in subsection B of this section or by rule of the administrator. As to any property for which it has obtained the last known address of the owner, the holder shall maintain a record of the name and last known address of the owner for the same retention period.

B. Any business association that sells in this Commonwealth its travelers checks, money orders, or other similar written instruments, other than third-party bank checks on which the business association is directly liable, or that provides such instruments to others for sale in this Commonwealth, shall maintain a record of those instruments while they remain outstanding, indicating the state and date of issue for three years after the date the property is reportable.


1983, c. 190; 1985, c. 294; 1988, c. 378; 2000, cc. 733, 745.


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