§ 55-248.50:2

Right to sell home upon eviction

A resident who has been evicted from a manufactured home park shall have ninety days after judgment has been entered in which to sell the home or remove the home from the park. Such resident shall be responsible for paying the rental amount and for regular maintenance of the home lot during the period between the date of eviction and the sale of the home or the removal of the home from the park. Such right to keep the manufactured home in the park shall be conditioned upon the payment of all rent accrued prior to the date of judgment and prospective monthly rent as it becomes due. During such term, a secured party shall be liable for such charges as provided in § 55-248.44:1. The park shall have a lien on the home to the extent such rental payments are not made. Any sale of the home shall be subject to the rights of any secured party having a security interest in the home, and the lien granted to the park under this section shall be subject to any such security interest.


1992, c. 709.


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