§ 55-330

Owner of animals liable for trespasses

If any of the animals specified in § 55-306, as to which the boundaries of the lots or tracts of land in any county, or magisterial district thereof, or in any selected portion of such county, constitute a lawful fence, shall be found going at large within such county, district, or portion of such county, or upon the lands of any person other than the owner, the owner or manager of such animals shall be liable for all damage or injury done by such animals to the owner of the crops or lands upon which they may trespass, whether the animals wander from the premises of their owner in the county in which the trespass was committed, or from another county; provided, that when the boundaries of lots or tracts of land in only one of two adjoining counties shall constitute a lawful fence, and any of such animals shall escape across the line or boundary of the two counties, the owner of such animal shall not be liable to the fine imposed by the second paragraph of § 55-306, nor for any trespass committed by such animal upon the lands lying next to such line or boundary, nor to a forfeiture of the animal, unless the land upon which the trespass is alleged to have been committed shall be enclosed, as provided in § 55-299.


Code 1950, § 8-900; 1977, c. 624; 1979, c. 486.


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