§ 56-231.23

General powers granted

Each cooperative formed under this article shall have power to do any and all lawful acts or things including, but not limited to the power:

1. To produce, generate, gather, store, transport, transmit, distribute, buy and sell energy and energy-related products.

2. To sue and be sued.

3. To have a seal and alter the same at pleasure.

4. To acquire, hold and dispose of property, real and personal, tangible and intangible, or interests therein and to pay therefor in cash or property or on credit, and to secure and procure payment of all or any part of the purchase price thereof on such terms and conditions as the board shall determine.

5. To render service and to acquire, own, operate, maintain and improve a system or systems.

6. To accept gifts or grants of money or of property, real or personal, from any person, municipality or federal agency and to accept voluntary or uncompensated services.

7. To sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise encumber or dispose of all or any parts of its property, as hereinafter provided.

8. To contract debts, borrow money and to issue or assume the payment of bonds, and other obligations.

9. To fix, maintain and collect reasonable fees, rents, tolls and other charges for service rendered.

10. To exercise, with respect to its providing regulated utility service, all the powers set forth in § 56-49, including the power of eminent domain as prescribed for other public service corporations by general law.

11. To assist its members and nonmember customers, by loans or otherwise, in the acquisition by them of such installation and wiring, and the obtaining of such machinery, equipment and appliances, as will enable them to secure the greatest benefit from the use of utility services supplied by the cooperative.

12. To issue nonassessable nonvoting common and preferred capital stock or similar securities and pay dividends thereon.

13. To become a member or stockholder in one or more other cooperatives or corporations created to engage in any business not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, other types of public service company business.

14. To perform any and all of the foregoing acts and do any and all of the foregoing things under, through or by means of its own officers, agents and employees, or by contracts with any person, federal agency or municipality.


1999, c. 874; 2000, cc. 944, 999.


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