§ 58.1-1008.1

Monthly reports of tobacco product manufacturers

Every manufacturer producing cigarettes in or shipping cigarettes into or within the Commonwealth shall file a report with the Department between the first and tenth day of each month identifying all purchasers of cigarettes by name and address with the quantities and brands of cigarettes purchased during the preceding month, and shall provide any other information the Department deems appropriate for the administration of this title or Article 1 (§ 3.2-4200 et seq.) of Chapter 42 of Title 3.2. The Department may allow such reports to be filed electronically. The Department shall have the power to enter upon the premises of any such manufacturer during its regular business hours to examine or cause to be examined, by any agent or representative designated by the Department for that purpose, any books, papers, records, invoices, or memoranda, etc., relating to (i) the information required in such report, or (ii) the manufacturer’s compliance with this section.Any manufacturer subject to the provisions of this section who fails or refuses to file the report required by this section, or who upon request by a duly authorized agent or representative of the Department fails or refuses to allow an audit or inspection of records as provided herein, is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. In addition, the Department may impose a civil penalty not to exceed $ 5,000 against any manufacturer subject to the provisions of this section for such failure or refusal. Each failure or refusal shall constitute a separate violation.For the purposes of this section:”Manufacturer” means tobacco product manufacturer, as that term is defined in § 3.2-4200.”Purchasers” means any person or persons purchasing or receiving cigarettes for resale, including wholesalers and retailers, or any other person or persons purchasing cigarettes directly from a manufacturer within the Commonwealth.


2002, cc. 683, 722; 2013, c. 381.


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