§ 59.1-376

Limited licenses; transfer of meet; taxation; authority to issue; limitations

A. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 59.1-375 or § 59.1-378 but subject to such regulations and criteria as it may prescribe, the Commission is authorized to issue limited licenses, provided such licenses shall permit any holder to conduct a race meeting or meetings for a period not to exceed 14 days in any calendar year, or in the case of a significant infrastructure limited licensee, 75 days in any calendar year.

B. The Commission may at any time, in its discretion, authorize any organization or association licensed under this section to transfer its race meeting or meetings from its own track or place for holding races, to the track or place for holding races of any other organization or association licensed under this chapter upon the payment of any and all appropriate license fees. No such authority to transfer shall be granted without the express consent of the organization or association owning or leasing the track to which such transfer is made.

C. For any such meeting the licensee shall retain and pay from the pool the tax as provided in § 59.1-392.

D. No person to whom a limited license has been issued nor any officer, director, partner, or spouse or immediate family member thereof shall make any contribution to any candidate for public office or public office holder at the local or state level.


1988, c. 855; 1991, c. 591; 2015, cc. 731, 751.


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