§ 59.1-518.1


As used in this chapter:”Automatic dialing-announcing device” means a device that (i) selects and dials telephone numbers and (ii) working alone or in conjunction with other equipment, disseminates a prerecorded or synthesized voice message to the telephone number called.”Caller” means a person that attempts to contact, or contacts, a subscriber in the Commonwealth by using a telephone or telephone line.”Commercial telephone solicitation” means any unsolicited call to a subscriber when (i) the person initiating the call has not had a prior business or personal relationship with the subscriber and (ii) the purpose of the call is to solicit the purchase or the consideration of the purchase of goods or services by the subscriber. The term does not include calls initiated by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision for exclusively public purposes.”Subscriber” means (i) a person who has subscribed to telephone service from a telephone company or (ii) other persons living or residing with the person.


2009, c. 699.


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