§ 63.2-604

Eligibility for TANF; children born to TANF recipients

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 63.2-602 and the TANF program regulations, the Board shall revise the schedule of TANF financial assistance to be paid to a family by eliminating the increment in TANF benefits to which a family would otherwise be eligible as a result of the birth of a child during the period of TANF eligibility or during the period in which the family or adult recipient is ineligible for TANF benefits pursuant to a penalty imposed by the Commissioner for failure to comply with benefit eligibility or child support requirements, subsequent to which the family or adult recipient is again eligible for benefits. The Board shall provide that a recipient family in which the mother gives birth to an additional child during the period of the mother’s eligibility for TANF financial assistance, or during a temporary penalty period of ineligibility for financial assistance, may receive additional financial assistance only in the case of a general increase in the amount of TANF financial assistance that is provided to all TANF recipients. Applicants shall receive notice of the provisions of this section at the time of application for TANF. This section shall not apply to legal guardians, grandparents, or other persons in loco parentis who are not the biological or adoptive parents of the child.There shall be no elimination of the increment in benefits for children born within ten months after the mother begins to receive TANF.A single custodial parent who does not receive additional TANF financial assistance for the birth of a child pursuant to this section shall receive the total value of all child support payments due and collected for such child, and the value of such payments shall not be counted as income for the purposes of TANF eligibility and grant determination.


1995, c. 450, § 63.1-105.7; 2002, c. 747.


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