§ 8.01-670.1

Appeal of interlocutory orders and decrees by permission

When, prior to the commencement of trial, the circuit court has entered in any pending civil action, except any matters appealable to the Court of Appeals pursuant to § 17.1-405, an order or decree that is not otherwise appealable, any party may file in the circuit court a statement of the reasons why an immediate interlocutory appeal should be permitted.The statement shall include a concise analysis of the statutes, rules or cases believed to be determinative of the issues and request that the court certify in writing that the order or decree involves a question of law as to which (i) there is substantial ground for difference of opinion, (ii) there is no clear, controlling precedent on point in the decisions of the Supreme Court of Virginia or the Court of Appeals of Virginia, (iii) determination of the issues will be dispositive of a material aspect of the proceeding currently pending before the court, and (iv) the court and the parties agree it is in the parties’ best interest to seek an interlocutory appeal.Within ten days of such certification by the circuit court, a petition for appeal may be filed with the appellate court that would have jurisdiction in an appeal from a final judgment in the proceeding. If the appellate court determines that the certification by the circuit court has sufficient merit, it may, in its discretion, permit an appeal to be taken from the interlocutory order or decree and shall notify the certifying circuit court and counsel for the parties of its decision. No petitions or appeals under this section shall stay proceedings in the circuit court unless the circuit court or appellate court so orders.The consideration of any petition and appeal by the appellate court shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Rules of the Supreme Court and shall not take precedence on the docket unless the court so orders.


2002, c. 107.


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