Injury To Person Or Property

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Injury To Person Or Property.” It is part of Title 8.01, titled “Civil Remedies And Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Actions.” It’s comprised of the following 28 sections.

§ 8.01-34
When contribution among wrongdoers enforced
§ 8.01-35
Damages for loss of income not diminished by reimbursement
§ 8.01-35.1
Effect of release or covenant not to sue in respect to liability and contribution
§ 8.01-36
Joinder of action of tort to infant with action for recovery of expenses incurred thereby and claim for recovery of expenses by infant
§ 8.01-37
Recovery of lost wages in action for injuries to emancipated infant
§ 8.01-37.1
Claims for medical services provided by United States; proof of reasonable value
§ 8.01-38
Tort liability of hospitals
§ 8.01-38.1
Limitation on recovery of punitive damages
§ 8.01-39
Completion or acceptance of work not bar to action against independent contractor for personal injury, wrongful death or damage to property
§ 8.01-40
Unauthorized use of name or picture of any person; punitive damages; statute of limitations
§ 8.01-40.1
Action for injury resulting from violation of Computer Crimes Act; limitations
§ 8.01-40.2
Unsolicited transmission of advertising materials by facsimile machine
§ 8.01-40.3
Unauthorized dissemination, etc., of criminal history record information; civil action
§ 8.01-41
Wrongful distraint, attachment
§ 8.01-42
Loss or injury to clothing in dyeing, dry cleaning, or laundering
§ 8.01-42.1
Civil action for racial, religious, or ethnic harassment, violence or vandalism
§ 8.01-42.2
Liability of guest for hotel damage
§ 8.01-42.3
Civil action for stalking
§ 8.01-42.4
Civil action for trafficking in persons
§ 8.01-43
Action against parent for damage to public property by minor
§ 8.01-44
Action against parent for damage to private property by minor
§ 8.01-44.1
Immunity from civil liability of members of certain committees, etc
§ 8.01-44.2
Action against physician for vaccine-related injury or death
§ 8.01-44.3
Divulgence of communications by qualified interpreters and communications assistants
§ 8.01-44.4
Action for shoplifting and employee theft
§ 8.01-44.5
Punitive damages for persons injured by intoxicated drivers
§ 8.01-44.6
Action for injury to cemetery property
§ 8.01-44.7
Action for tampering with metering device and diverting service