§ 9.1-144

Bond or insurance required; actions against bond

A. Every person licensed as a private security services business under subsection A of § 9.1-139 or certified as a private security services training school under subsection B of § 9.1-139 shall, at the time of receiving the license or certification and before the license or certification shall be operative, file with the Department (i) a cash bond or evidence that the licensee or certificate holder is covered by a surety bond, executed by a surety company authorized to do business in the Commonwealth, in a reasonable amount to be fixed by the Department, conditioned upon the faithful and honest conduct of his business or employment; or (ii) evidence of a policy of liability insurance in an amount and with coverage as fixed by the Department. The bond or liability insurance shall be maintained for so long as the licensee or certificate holder is licensed or certified by the Department.Every personal protection specialist and private investigator who has been issued a registration by the Department and is hired as an independent contractor by a licensed private security services business shall maintain comprehensive general liability insurance in a reasonable amount to be fixed by the Department, evidence of which shall be provided to the private security services business prior to the hiring of such independent contractor pursuant to subsection C of § 9.1-139.

B. If any person aggrieved by the misconduct of any person licensed or certified under subsection A or B of § 9.1-139 recovers judgment against the licensee or certificate holder, which judgment is unsatisfied in whole or in part, such person may bring an action in his own name on the bond of the licensee or certificate holder.


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