Comprehensive Community Corrections Act For Local-responsible Offenders

This is Article 9 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Comprehensive Community Corrections Act For Local-responsible Offenders.” It is part of Title 9.1, titled “Commonwealth Public Safety.” It is part of Chapter 1, titled “Department Of Criminal Justice Services.” It’s comprised of the following 14 sections.

§ 9.1-173
§ 9.1-173.1
Procedures for treatment of veterans and active service members
§ 9.1-174
Establishment of a community-based probation services agency
§ 9.1-175
Board to prescribe standards; biennial plan
§ 9.1-176
Mandated services; optional services and facilities
§ 9.1-176.1
Duties and responsibilities of local community-based probation officers
§ 9.1-177
Form of oath of office for local community-based probation officers
§ 9.1-177.1
Confidentiality of records of and reports on adult persons under investigation by, or placed on probation supervision with a local community-based probation services agency
§ 9.1-178
Community criminal justice boards
§ 9.1-179
Withdrawal from services
§ 9.1-180
Responsibilities of community criminal justice boards
§ 9.1-181
Eligibility to participate
§ 9.1-182
Funding; failure to comply; prohibited use of funds
§ 9.1-183
City or county to act as administrator and fiscal agent