§ 10.1-1021.2

Additional powers of the Foundation; requests for conservation easement dispute mediation

Any private owner of the fee interest in land that is subject to a perpetual conservation easement pursuant to Chapter 10.1 (§ 10.1-1009 et seq.), any holder of such an easement, or any holder of a third-party right of enforcement of such an easement may submit a request, pursuant to guidelines adopted by the Foundation, that the Foundation utilize the process set forth in the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act, Chapter 41.1 (§ 2.2-4115 et seq.) of Title 2.2, to resolve a dispute that is not part of a dispute already in litigation and arises out of or relates to the interpretation or administration of a conservation easement made or entered into pursuant to Chapter 10.1 (§ 10.1-1009 et seq.).


2015, c. 44.


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