§ 10.1-104.1

Department to assist in the nonpoint source pollution management program

A. The Department, with the advice of the Board of Conservation and Recreation and the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board and in cooperation with other agencies, organizations, and the public as appropriate, shall assist in the Commonwealth’s nonpoint source pollution management program.

B. The Department shall be assisted in performing its nonpoint source pollution management responsibilities by Virginia’s soil and water conservation districts. Assistance by the soil and water conservation districts in the delivery of local programs and services may include (i) the provision of technical assistance to advance adoption of conservation management services, (ii) delivery of educational initiatives targeted at youth and adult groups to further awareness and understanding of water quality issues and solutions, and (iii) promotion of incentives to encourage voluntary actions by landowners and land managers in order to minimize nonpoint source pollution contributions to state waters.The provisions of this section shall not limit the powers and duties of other state agencies.


1993, cc. 19, 830; 2004, c. 474; 2013, cc. 756, 793.


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