§ 10.1-105

Board of Conservation and Recreation

The Board of Conservation and Recreation shall be reorganized and is established as a policy board in the executive branch in accordance with § 2.2-2100 and shall consist of 12 members to be appointed by the Governor. The Board shall be the successor to the Board on Conservation and Development of Public Beaches and the Virginia State Parks Foundation. The members of the Board shall initially be appointed for terms of office as follows: three for a one-year term, three for a two-year term, three for a three-year term, and three for a four-year term. The Governor shall designate the term to be served by each appointee at the time of appointment. Appointments thereafter shall be made for four-year terms. No person shall serve more than two consecutive full terms. Any vacancy shall be filled by the Governor for the unexpired term. All terms shall begin July 1. Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. In making appointments, the Governor shall endeavor to select persons suitably qualified to consider and act upon the various special interests and problems related to the programs of the Department. The Board may appoint subcommittees of not less than three to consider and deal with special interests and problems related to programs of the Department.


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