§ 10.1-110

Easements to governmental agencies and public service corporations

A. The Director is authorized, subject to the consent and approval of the Governor following review as to form and content by the Attorney General, to grant to any governmental agency, political subdivision, public utility company, public service corporation, public service company or authority for consideration by proper deed or other appropriate instrument signed and executed by the Director in the name of the Commonwealth, any easement over, upon and across any lands or other properties held by the Commonwealth or over which it has supervision and control, provided that the easement is consistent with and not in derogation of the general purpose for which the land or other property is held. No easement shall be granted for an initial term longer than ten years, but may contain provisions for renewals either contingent or automatic at the discretion of the Director, for a like period on the same terms and conditions as originally granted. If written notice of termination is received by the Director from the grantee or if use of the easement is in fact abandoned by the grantee at any time prior to the end of the initial term or any renewal, the Director may immediately terminate the easement. If the Department amends its master site plan to include buildings, structures or improvements on or in the vicinity of any easement granted under this section, the Director reserves the right to require, upon written notice given 180 days in advance, the relocation of the easement at the expense of the grantee of the easement.

B. The relocation requirement of subsection A shall not apply to any easement granted by the Director to the Virginia Department of Transportation.


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