§ 10.1-1117

Specialized services or rentals of equipment to landowners, localities and state agencies; fees; disposition of proceeds

The State Forester may cooperate with landowners, counties, municipalities and state agencies, by making available forestry services consisting of specialized or technical forestry equipment and an operator, or rent to them such specialized equipment. For such services or rentals, a reasonable fee, representing the State Forester’s estimate of the cost of such services or rentals, shall be charged.All moneys paid to the State Forester for such services or rentals shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the Forestry Operations Fund, to be used in the further protection and development of the forest resources of this Commonwealth. Upon presentation of a statement, the landowner, county, municipality or state agency receiving such services or rentals shall pay to the State Forester, within thirty days, the amount of charge shown on the statement.


1964, c. 513, § 10-54.1; 1986, c. 567; 1988, c. 891.


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