§ 10.1-1125

Application of Articles 4, 5 and 6 to cities; State Forester authorized to enter into contracts with cities

A. In addition to the application of this article and Articles 5 (§ 10.1-1131 et seq.) and 6 (§ 10.1-1135 et seq.) to forestlands lying in counties, such articles shall also apply to forestlands lying within cities. For the purposes of such articles as applied to cities, forest land shall be considered as comprising land which bears at least eighty well-distributed seedlings or sprouts of woody species per acre and which is specifically included in the provisions of the contract with the city.

B. The State Forester is authorized to enter into contracts prepared by the Attorney General with the governing body of any city in which any such forestland is located. The contract shall include provisions for the State Forester to furnish forest fire protection, prevention, detection, and suppression services and to enforce state law applicable to forest fires on forestlands upon any such lands located within a city. The services so provided by the State Forester shall be of the same general type, character, and standard as the same services provided in counties generally.


1964, c. 79, § 10-46.1; 1974, c. 216; 1984, c. 750; 1986, cc. 188, 567; 1988, c. 891.


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