§ 10.1-1138

Rewards for information leading to conviction of arsonists or incendiaries

The State Forester shall be authorized, whenever it appears to him that forest fires in any part of the Commonwealth are caused by unknown arsonists or incendiaries, to offer a monetary reward for information sufficient to procure conviction in a court of appropriate jurisdiction of the person or persons responsible for such fire. No law-enforcement officer paid in whole or in part from public funds or employee of the Department shall be eligible to receive such reward.All such reward money shall be paid from funds appropriated for the protection and development of the forest resources of this Commonwealth, and shall not exceed either $ 10,000 paid in any one fiscal year or $ 2,000 paid to any one person for information leading to any one conviction.


1966, c. 8, § 10-57.1; 1986, cc. 188, 567; 1988, c. 891.


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