§ 10.1-116

Jurisdiction of conservation officers

Conservation officers shall have jurisdiction throughout the Commonwealth on all Department lands and waters and upon lands and waters under the management or control of the Department, on property of the United States government or a department or agency thereof on which the Commonwealth has concurrent jurisdiction and is contiguous with land of the Department or on which the Department has a management interest, on property operated by the Breaks Interstate Park Commission within the Commonwealth of Virginia with the written agreement of the Commission, on a property of another state agency or department whose property is contiguous with land of the Department, and in those local jurisdictions in which mutual aid agreements have been established pursuant to § 15.2-1736.Special conservation officers appointed pursuant to § 10.1-115 shall have jurisdiction throughout the Commonwealth.


1994, c. 205; 2005, c. 87; 2015, cc. 64, 489.


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