§ 10.1-1181.1


As used in this article unless the context requires a different meaning:”Operator” means any person that operates or has operated or exercises or has exercised control over any silvicultural activity.”Owner” means any person that (i) owns or leases land on which silvicultural activity occurs or has occurred or (ii) owns timber on land on which silvicultural activity occurs or has occurred.”Pollution” means such alteration of the physical, chemical or biological properties of any state waters resulting from sediment deposition as will or is likely to create a nuisance or render such waters (i) harmful or detrimental or injurious to the public health, safety or welfare, or to the health of animals, fish or aquatic life; (ii) unsuitable with reasonable treatment for use as present or possible future sources of public water supply; or (iii) unsuitable for recreational, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or other reasonable uses.”Silvicultural activity” means any forest management activity, including but not limited to the harvesting of timber, the construction of roads and trails for forest management purposes, and the preparation of property for reforestation.”Special order” means a special order or emergency special order issued under subsection B or C of § 10.1-1181.2.


1993, c. 948; 1998, c. 578.


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