§ 10.1-1307.01

Further duties of Board; localities particularly affected

After June 30, 1994, before promulgating any regulation under consideration, granting any variance to an existing regulation, or issuing any permit for the construction of a new major source or for a major modification to an existing source, if the Board finds that there are localities particularly affected by the regulation, variance or permit, the Board shall:

1. Publish, or require the applicant to publish, a notice in a local paper of general circulation in the localities affected at least thirty days prior to the close of any public comment period. Such notice shall contain a statement of the estimated local impact of the proposed action, which at a minimum shall provide information regarding specific pollutants and the total quantity of each which may be emitted and shall list the type and quantity of any fuels to be used.

2. Mail the notice to the chief elected official and chief administrative officer and the planning district commission for those localities.

Written comments shall be accepted by the Board for at least fifteen days after any hearing on the regulation, variance, or permit, unless the Board votes to shorten the period.For the purposes of this section, the term “locality particularly affected” means any locality which bears any identified disproportionate material air quality impact which would not be experienced by other localities.


1993, c. 944; 1997, c. 612.


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