§ 10.1-1312

Air pollution control districts

A. The Board may create, within any area of the Commonwealth, local air pollution control districts comprising a city or county or a part or parts of each, or two or more cities or counties, or any combination or parts thereof. Such local districts may be established by the Board on its own motion or upon request of the governing body or bodies of the area involved.

B. In each district there shall be a local air pollution control committee, the members of which shall be appointed by the Board from lists of recommended nominees submitted by the respective governing bodies of each locality, all or a portion of which are included in the district. The number of members on each committee shall be in the discretion of the Board. When a district includes two or more localities or portions thereof, the Board shall apportion the membership of the committee among the localities, provided that each locality shall have at least one representative on the committee. The members shall not be compensated out of state funds, but may be reimbursed for expenses out of state funds. Localities may provide for the payment of compensation and reimbursement of expenses to the members and may appropriate funds therefore. The portion of such payment to be borne by each locality shall be prescribed by agreement.

C. The local committee is empowered to observe compliance with the regulations of the Board and report instances of noncompliance to the Board, to conduct educational programs relating to air pollution and its effects, to assist the Department in its air monitoring programs, to initiate and make studies relating to air pollution and its effects, and to make recommendations to the Board.

D. The governing body of any locality, wholly or partially included within any such district, may appropriate funds for use by the local committee in air pollution control and studies.


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