§ 10.1-1321

Local ordinances

A. Existing local ordinances adopted prior to July 1, 1972, shall continue in force; however, in the event of a conflict between a Board regulation and a local ordinance adopted prior to July 1, 1972, the Board regulation shall govern, except when the conflicting local ordinance is more stringent.

B. The governing body of any locality proposing to adopt an ordinance, or an amendment to an existing ordinance, relating to air pollution after June 30, 1972, shall first obtain the approval of the Board as to the provisions of the ordinance or amendment. No ordinance or amendment, except an ordinance or amendment pertaining solely to open burning, shall be approved by the Board which regulates any emission source that is required to register with the Board or to obtain a permit pursuant to this chapter and the Board’s regulations.


1966, c. 497, § 10-17.30; 1972, c. 781; 1988, c. 891; 1994, c. 358.


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