§ 10.1-1446

Effect of certification

A. Grant of certification of site approval shall supersede any local ordinance or regulation that is inconsistent with the terms of the certification. Nothing in this chapter shall affect the authority of the host community to enforce its regulations and ordinances to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the certification of site approval. Grant of certification shall not preclude or excuse the applicant from the requirement to obtain approval or permits under this chapter or other state or federal laws. The certification shall continue in effect until it is amended, revoked or suspended.

B. The certification may be amended for cause under procedures and regulations prescribed by the Board.

C. The certification shall be terminated or suspended (i) at the request of the owner of the facility; (ii) upon a finding by the Board that conditions of the certification have been violated in a manner that poses a substantial risk to health, safety or the environment; (iii) upon termination of the hazardous waste facility permit by the Director or the EPA Administrator; or (iv) upon a finding by the Board that the applicant has knowingly falsified or failed to provide material information required in the notice of intent and application.

D. The facility owner shall promptly notify the Board of any changes in the ownership of the facility or of any significant changes in capacity or design of the facility.

E. Nothing in the certification shall constitute a defense to liability in any civil action involving private rights.

F. The Commonwealth may not acquire any site for a facility by eminent domain prior to the time certification of site approval is obtained. However, any agency or representative of the Commonwealth may enter upon a proposed site pursuant to the provisions of § 25.1-203.

G. The governing body of the host community shall have the authority to enforce local regulations and ordinances to the extent provided by subsection A of this section and the terms of the siting agreement. The local governing body may be authorized by the Board to enforce specified provisions of the certification.


1986, c. 492, § 10-302; 1988, c. 891; 2003, c. 940.


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