§ 10.1-1604

Form, terms, and execution of bonds

A. The bonds of each issue shall be dated, shall bear interest at rates fixed by the Authority, shall mature at a time not exceeding forty years from their date, as determined by the Authority, and may be made redeemable before maturity, at the option of the Authority, at a price and under terms and conditions fixed by the Authority prior to the issuance of the bonds. The Authority shall determine the form of bonds and manner of execution of the bonds and shall fix the denomination of the bonds and the place of payment of principal and interest, which may be at any bank or trust company.

B. The bonds shall be signed by the chairman or vice-chairman of the Authority, or if authorized by the Authority, shall bear his facsimile signature, and the official seal of the Authority, or, if authorized by the Authority, a facsimile signature thereof shall be impressed or imprinted thereon and attested by the secretary or any assistant secretary of the Authority, or, if authorized by the Authority, with the facsimile signature of such secretary or assistant secretary. Any coupons attached to bonds issued by the Authority shall bear the signature or facsimile signature of the chairman or vice-chairman of the Authority. If any officer whose signature or facsimile signature appears on any bonds or coupons ceases to be an officer before the delivery of the bonds, the signature or facsimile shall nevertheless be valid for all purposes. Any bonds may bear the facsimile signature of, or may be signed by, persons who are the proper officers to sign the bonds at the actual time of the execution of such bonds although at the date of the bonds such persons may not have been officers.


1986, c. 360, § 10-158.6; 1988, c. 891.


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