§ 10.1-1618

Title to property

The Authority may acquire title to property in its own name or in the name of the Commonwealth for and on behalf of the Authority. In the event the Authority ceases to operate its projects and to promote the purposes stated in § 10.1-1601 or is dissolved, the title to real property held by the Authority shall transfer to the Commonwealth and be administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation; provided however, in the event that an environmental audit of any real property or interest therein, or portion of such property, to be transferred pursuant to this section discloses any environmental liability or violation of law or regulation, present or contingent, the Governor may reject the transfer of any portion of such property which he determines to be environmentally defective.


1986, c. 360, § 10-158.16; 1988, c. 891; 1991, c. 706.


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