§ 10.1-2210

Erection of markers by local governing bodies

A. The governing body of any county, city or town may, at its own expense, have erected a historical marker commemorating any person, event or place upon any public street, road or highway within its boundaries, provided that the person, event or place to be commemorated is identified with or representative of a local aspect of history. The governing body, or its duly authorized agent, shall first determine, on the basis of documented research, that the text of the marker appears to be true and correct. The local markers shall differ in style and appearance from state historical markers, and shall display, on the face of the markers, prominent notice of the governing body, or its agent, which approved the text of the marker. Design, appearance and size and height specifications for local markers shall be reviewed and approved by the Board.

B. If the person, event or place to be commemorated is prominently identified with, or best representative of a major aspect of state or national history, then the text of the marker shall be approved as provided in § 10.1-2209.


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