§ 10.1-410

Catoctin Creek State Scenic River

A. The Catoctin Creek from bank to bank in Loudoun County from the Town of Waterford to its junction with the Potomac River, a distance of approximately 16 river miles, is hereby designated a component of the Virginia Scenic Rivers System.

B. No dam or other structure that impedes the natural flow of Catoctin Creek shall be constructed, operated, or maintained within the section of Catoctin Creek designated as a scenic river by this legislation unless specifically authorized by an act of the General Assembly.As used in this section, the words “dam or other structure” mean any structure extending from bank to bank of Catoctin Creek that will interfere with the normal movement of waterborne traffic, interfere with the normal movement of fish or wildlife, raise the water level on the upstream side of the structure or lower the water level on the downstream side of the structure.


1984, c. 739, § 10-173.3; 1985, cc. 346, 448; 1988, c. 891; 2003, c. 240.


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