§ 10.1-609.1

Installation of IFLOWS gauges

A soil and water conservation district responsible for the maintenance and operation of a flood control dam shall be permitted to install Integrated Flood Observing and Warning Systems (IFLOWS) gauges and associated equipment, or a device approved by the Department of Emergency Management, while awaiting funds to make structural modifications to correct emergency spillway capacity deficiencies in the dam, identified by the Board in a report issued pursuant to § 10.1-609, when any of the following conditions exist: (i) funds are not available to make such structural modifications to the dam, (ii) the completion of such structural modifications requires the acquisition of additional property or easements by exercise of the power of eminent domain, or (iii) funds for the IFLOWS equipment or an equivalent device have been appropriated by the General Assembly. Installation of IFLOWS gauges or similar devices shall not affect the regulated status of the dam under the Virginia Dam Safety Act (§ 10.1-604 et seq.). Any IFLOWS gauges and associated equipment shall be installed in a manner approved by the Department of Emergency Management and shall be operated and maintained by the Department of Emergency Management.


1993, c. 709.


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