§ 10.1-610

Right of entry

A. The Board and its agents and employees shall have the right to enter any property at reasonable times and under reasonable circumstances to perform such inspections and tests or to take such other actions it deems necessary to fulfill its responsibilities under this article, including the inspection of dams that may be subject to this article, provided that the Board or its agents or employees make a reasonable effort to obtain the consent of the owner of the land prior to entry.

B. If entry is denied, the Board or its designated agents or employees may make an affidavit under oath before any magistrate whose territorial jurisdiction encompasses the property to be inspected or entered for a warrant authorizing such investigation, tests or other actions. Such warrant shall issue if the magistrate finds probable cause to believe that there is a dam on such property which is not known to be safe. After issuing a warrant under this section, the magistrate shall file the affidavit in the manner prescribed by § 19.2-54. After executing the warrant, the Board or its designated agents or employees shall return the warrant to the clerk of the circuit court of the city or county wherein the investigation was made.


1982, c. 583, § 62.1-115.7; 1988, c. 891; 2005, c. 117; 2014, c. 354.


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