§ 12.1-21.1

Fees to be charged by clerk for certain information and certificates

A. When a request made under subdivision A 3 of § 12.1-19 or under § 12.1-20 relates to the Uniform Commercial Code, or when a request for information is made under Title 8.9A, the clerk of the Commission shall charge and collect, except as otherwise provided in subsection C of § 12.1-21.2, reasonable fees as are fixed by Commission order or rule.

B. Any response or certificate shall be signed by the clerk or a member of his staff. Any signature may be a facsimile.

C. Any certificate to which the seal of the Commission, or a facsimile thereof, is affixed shall be admitted in evidence in all cases, civil and criminal, as prima facie evidence of the facts contained in it.

D. No action shall be brought against the Commission or any member of its staff claiming damages for alleged errors or omissions in any response or certificate.

E. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 8.9A-525, if the Commission determines that a person was falsely identified as a debtor in a financing statement filed in the office of its clerk, it may waive payment of the fees for that person to file a termination statement pursuant to subdivision (d)(2) of § 8.9A-509 and an information statement pursuant to § 8.9A-518.


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