§ 13.1-1216

Amendment of articles of trust

A. Except to the extent otherwise provided in this chapter, the articles of trust, or the governing instrument of the business trust, the sole trustee or a majority of the trustees may amend the articles of trust of a business trust at any time to add or change a provision that is required or permitted in the articles, or to delete a provision not required in the articles. An amendment to the articles of trust may delete the name and address of the initial registered agent or registered office, if a statement of change described in § 13.1-1221 is on file with the Commission.

B. A business trust amending its articles of trust shall file with the Commission articles of amendment setting forth:

1. The name of the business trust;

2. The text of each amendment adopted;

3. The date of each amendment’s adoption; and

4. A statement that the amendment was adopted in accordance with the articles of trust and the governing instrument of the business trust.

C. If the Commission finds that the articles of amendment comply with the requirements of law and that all required fees have been paid, it shall issue a certificate of amendment.

D. An amendment to the articles of the trust does not affect a cause of action existing against or in favor of the business trust, a proceeding to which the business trust is a party, or the existing rights of persons other than beneficial owners of the business trust. An amendment changing a business trust’s name does not abate a proceeding brought by or against the business trust in its former name.


2002, c. 621; 2008, c. 101.


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