§ 13.1-1241

Authority to transact business required; governing law

A. A foreign business trust may not transact business in the Commonwealth until it obtains a certificate of registration from the Commission.

B. Subject to the Constitution of the Commonwealth:

1. The laws of the state or other jurisdiction under which a foreign business trust is formed govern its formation and internal affairs and the liability of its beneficial owners and trustees; and

2. A foreign business trust may not be denied a certificate of registration by reason of any difference between those laws and the laws of the Commonwealth.However, a foreign business trust holding a valid certificate of registration to transact business in the Commonwealth shall have no greater rights and privileges than a domestic business trust. The certificate of registration shall not be deemed to authorize the foreign business trust to exercise any of its powers or purposes that a domestic business trust is forbidden by law to exercise in the Commonwealth.


2002, c. 621; 2008, c. 101.


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