§ 13.1-506

Revocation of registration

The Commission may, by order entered after a hearing on notice duly served on the defendant not less than thirty days before the date of the hearing, revoke the registration of a broker-dealer, investment advisor, investment advisor representative or agent, or refuse to renew a registration if an application for renewal has been or is to be filed, if it finds that such an order is in the public interest and that such broker-dealer, investment advisor or any partner, officer or director of such broker-dealer or investment advisor, or any person occupying a similar status or performing similar functions, or any person directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by such broker-dealer or investment advisor or that such agent or investment advisor representative:

1. Has engaged in any fraudulent transaction;

2. Is insolvent, or in danger of becoming insolvent, either in the sense that his liabilities exceed his assets or in the sense that he cannot meet his obligations as they mature;

3. Is a person for whom a conservator or guardian has been appointed and is acting;

4. Has been convicted, within or without this Commonwealth, of any misdemeanor involving a security or any aspect of the securities or investment advisory business or any felony;

5. Has failed to furnish information or records requested by the Commission concerning his conduct of the securities or investment advisory business; or

6. [Repealed.]

7. Has failed to conduct his securities or investment advisory business in accordance with the rules of the Commission.


1956, c. 428; 1974, c. 479; 1981, c. 244; 1987, c. 678; 1997, c. 921.


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