§ 13.1-693

Required officers

A. Except as provided in an agreement authorized by § 13.1-671.1, a corporation shall have such officers with such titles and duties as shall be stated in the bylaws or in a resolution of the board of directors that is not inconsistent with the bylaws and as may be necessary to enable it to execute documents that comply with subsection F of § 13.1-604.

B. The board of directors may elect individuals to fill one or more offices of the corporation. An officer may appoint one or more officers or assistant officers if authorized by the bylaws or the board of directors.

C. The secretary or any other officer as designated in the bylaws or by resolution of the board shall have the responsibility for preparing and maintaining custody of minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings and for authenticating records of the corporation.

D. The same individual may simultaneously hold more than one office in a corporation.


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