§ 13.1-706

Amendment of articles of incorporation by directors

Unless the articles of incorporation provide otherwise, a corporation’s board of directors may adopt one or more amendments to the corporation’s articles of incorporation without shareholder action:

1. To delete the names and addresses of the initial directors;

2. To delete the name of the initial registered agent or the address of the initial registered office, if a statement of change described in § 13.1-635 is on file with the Commission;

3. If the corporation has only one class of shares outstanding:

a. To change each issued and unissued authorized share of the class into a greater number of whole shares of that class; or

b. To increase the number of authorized shares of the class to the extent necessary to permit the issuance of shares as a share dividend;

4. To eliminate or change the par value of the shares of any class or series;

5. To change the corporate name by substituting the word “corporation,” “incorporated,” “company,” or “limited,” or the abbreviation “corp.,” “inc.,” “co.” or “ltd.,” or a similar word or abbreviation in the name, or by adding, deleting, or changing a geographic attribution for the name;

6. If the corporation has or will become a holding company under § 13.1-719.1, to change the corporate name to the former name of the constituent corporation;

7. If the corporation is registered as an open-end management investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, to increase or decrease the aggregate number of shares or the number of shares of any class or series within any class that the corporation is authorized to issue; or

8. To make any other change expressly permitted by this chapter to be made without shareholder action.


1985, c. 522; 1989, c. 483; 1990, c. 292; 2005, c. 765; 2006, c. 330; 2015, c. 623.


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