§ 13.1-774

Financial statements for shareholders

A. If requested in writing by any shareholder, a corporation shall furnish the shareholder with the financial statements for the most recent fiscal year, which may be consolidated or combined statements of the corporation and one or more of its subsidiaries, as appropriate, that include a balance sheet as of the end of the fiscal year, an income statement for that year, and a statement of changes in shareholdersequity for the year unless that information appears elsewhere in the financial statements. If financial statements are prepared for the corporation on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles, the annual financial statements must also be prepared on that basis.

B. If the annual financial statements are reported upon by a certified public accountant, the accountant’s report must accompany them. If the annual financial statements are not reported upon by a certified public accountant, the president or the person responsible for the corporation’s accounting records shall provide the shareholder with a statement of the basis of accounting used in preparation of the annual financial statements and a description of any respects in which the statements were not prepared on a basis of accounting consistent with the statements prepared for the preceding year.

C. If a corporation does not comply with a shareholder’s request for financial statements within 30 days of delivery of such request to the corporation, the circuit court in the city or county where the corporation’s principal office is located, or, if none in the Commonwealth, where its registered office is located may, upon application of the shareholder, summarily order the corporation to furnish such financial statements.

D. A public corporation may fulfill its responsibilities under this section by delivering the specified financial statements, or otherwise making them available, in any manner permitted by the applicable rules and regulations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.


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