§ 13.1-840

Court-ordered meeting

A. The circuit court of the city or county where a corporation’s principal office is located, or, if none in the Commonwealth, where its registered office is located, may, after notice to the corporation, order a meeting of members to be held:

1. On petition of any member of the corporation entitled to participate in an annual meeting if an annual meeting was not held within 15 months after its last annual meeting or, if there has been no annual meeting, the date of its incorporation; or

2. On petition of a member who signed a demand for a special meeting that satisfies the requirements of § 13.1-839 if:

a. Notice of the special meeting was not given within 30 days after the date the demand was delivered to the corporation’s secretary; or

b. The special meeting was not held in accordance with the notice.

B. The court may fix the time and place of the meeting, determine the members entitled to participate in the meeting, specify a record date for determining members entitled to notice of and to vote at the meeting, prescribe the form and content of the meeting notice, and enter other orders necessary to accomplish the purpose or purposes of the meeting.


1985, c. 522; 2007, c. 925.


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