§ 13.1-944.3

Plan of entity conversion

A. To become a domestic limited liability company, a domestic corporation shall adopt a plan of entity conversion setting forth:

1. A statement of the corporation’s intention to convert to a limited liability company;

2. The terms and conditions of the conversion, including the manner and basis of converting the membership interests, if any, of the corporation into LLC membership interests of the resulting entity;

3. If the corporation has no members, the designation of each person who is to become a member of the limited liability company upon conversion, provided that no person shall be designated as a member of the resulting entity without the person’s prior consent;

4. As a separate attachment to the plan, the full text of the articles of organization of the resulting entity as they will be in effect upon consummation of the conversion; and

5. Any other provision relating to the conversion that may be desired.

B. The plan of entity conversion may also include a provision that the board of directors may amend the plan before the effective time and date of the certificate of entity conversion. An amendment made after the submission of the plan to the members shall not alter or change any of the terms or conditions of the plan if the change would adversely affect the membership interests of the corporation, unless the amendment has been approved by the members in the manner set forth in § 13.1-944.4.


2012, c. 706; 2016, c. 288.


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