§ 13.1-983


An industrial development corporation may be incorporated in the Commonwealth pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 (§ 13.1-618 et seq.) of Chapter 9 of this title, and all the provisions of Chapter 9 (§ 13.1-601 et seq.) of this title not in conflict with or inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter shall apply to such corporation except as hereinafter otherwise provided. The purpose clause of the articles of incorporation shall recite that the purposes for which the corporation is formed are to stimulate and promote the business prosperity and economic welfare of the Commonwealth and its citizens; to encourage and assist through financial aid, advice, technical assistance and other appropriate means the location of new businesses and industries and the rehabilitation, improvement and expansion of existing businesses and industries throughout the Commonwealth; and in furtherance of such purposes, to cooperate with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and with other organizations, public and private.


Code 1950, § 13.1-142; 1960, c. 80; 1984, c. 750; 1985, c. 522; 1996, cc. 590, 598.


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